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Blueskin Energy Project

Community Energy Advice

BRCT is a member of the Community Energy Network. We do not sell any products and have no interest in promoting one product over another. We are concerned with the level of fuel poverty in Dunedin. We offer independent advice, supported by a national network of Energy Practitioners providing a balance of good science and practical home implementation.

BRCT runs Community Energy Advice projects on contract (in 2012 on contract from the Energy Cultures Research Cluster BRCT provided Energy Advice in different formats in Blueskin, Brockville and North East Valley; in 2013 in partnership with Presbyterian Support Otago BRCT provided Energy Advice in Pine Hill).

We want to help people to make changes to their homes and improve practices for warmer, drier homes and/or improved energy efficiency, and to ensure provision of trusted, independent advice.


BRCT is a CEN advisor for Dunedin.

Hours: 10pm – 2pm, Monday to Friday

Call: 03 4822207

Email: energyadvice@blueskinpower.co.nz

Online:   http://www.brct.org.nz 

Services: Free advice on home energy efficiency including saving power, high bills, cold homes, condensation, funding and subsidy advice, renewable generation for households.

We can also recommend local Energy Practitioners who provide detailed home energy checks for a fee.


To register your interest, email: energyadvice@blueskinpower.co.nz

Please include your: Name, Address and Telephone number.


Help Line (manned from 9am - 5pm Mon): 03 48 222 07

for other questions email: energyadvice@blueskinpower.co.nz