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Transition Towns


Blueskin Energy Project


We propose the development of a wind turbine cluster to generate clean and efficient energy for local communities.


Through a small wind cluster that could fund other Blueskin energy initiatives.

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The 30 Metre wind testing tower has been recording wind speed since the 27th of Feb 2013 in addition to the 10 Metre wind testing tower (in place since May 2011).

Thanks to Garrad Hassan we have an energy yield analysis for the site which predicts 6.1GWh annually from a 2.55 MW installed capacity.

Blueskin Energy Ltd, wholly owned by BRCT, was formally incorporated on the 17th of December 2013. BEL will manage the wind cluster development on behalf of BRCT.

On the 4th of DEC 2013, A COMMUNITY MEETING to provide and update on progress was held in Waitati.

We asked about "control vs. ownership" of the proposed wind development, and we sought feedback on the company formation.

Extremely helpful feedback is now being analysed as we consider a company constitution to ensure community benefit.

BLUESKIN PEOPLE POWER: A TOOLKIT FOR COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT is available for reference in the Blueskin Library and will be loaded onto this site soon [watch this space].





Commission a robust 12 month energy yield assessment in March 2014

Submit Resource Consent Application

All legal, partner, supply and service agreements in place

2014 - begin capital raising and initiate development

Continue to maintain community participation.


Gathering Opinions

The work of ensuring rich community engagement continues. Please fill in our surveysubscribe to the email for information about the Blueskin Energy Project and other community actions, and take a look at Visual Impressions showing 4 turbines on Porteous Hill from different locations around Blueskin Bay.

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Get Involved

To become a friend of the wind cluster email: friend@blueskinpower.co.nz

If you want to be contacted about investing in the wind cluster email: invest@blueskinpower.co.nz

other questions should be emailed to: email: scott@blueskinpower.co.nz




  1. Control over our electricity
  2. Cost effective green energy
  3. Community coherence
  4. Local decision making
  5. Healthy homes
  6. Future proofing
  7. Model for other communities