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Blueskin Energy Project

Blueskin Power

Blueskin Power is an initiative of the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (a Charitable Trust established in 2008). BRCT seeks to improve the resilience of the Blueskin Community in a number of key areas including: Food Sovereignty, Education, Energy Independence and Social Enterprise.


Blueskin Power aspires to have achieved the following by 2020

Families and individuals in Blueskin Communities will:

  • Be free of fuel poverty, with warm comfortable energy efficient homes.
  • Own the means to generate sufficient local renewable newonlinepokies.co.nz energy to meet the communities needs.
  • Be linked to each other, and within each community, newonlinecasinos.nz by a comprehensive walking-cycling network.
  • Provide 'open-door' education to promote and teach others of our achievements.


BRCT is a member of the Community Energy Network  

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